Too many folks in Salem and D.C. can’t see past their party label. It’s why big problems aren’t getting solved. As Governor, Knute will be an independent voice focused on bipartisan solutions to make life better for all Oregonians.

For the past four years, Buehler has established himself as an independent leader in the legislature, advancing bipartisan solutions including the nation’s first over-the-counter birth control law, new protections for public employee whistle-blowers who expose corruption in our government, and voting for the coal-to-clean bill for stronger environmental protections. In 2015, he was the only Republican on the Health Care Committee to support legislation that would ban conversion therapy “treatment” and in 2017, was one of only two Republicans in the House to support the vital records bill, mitigating potential discrimination against transgender individuals.

Buehler, by contrast, is the kind of Republican who could attract non-affiliated voters, Independents, Libertarians and even some Democrats unhappy with Brown. – The Oregonian, May 18, 2018

Buehler has twice-voted for legislation that would protect survivors of domestic violence by restricting access to guns for convicted abusers and stalkers. With Democrat and Republican support, he sponsored and passed legislation that would make strangulation a felony.

He’s stood up to big pharmaceutical companies by passing legislation to increase drug-price transparency, and introduced legislation that would give the Attorney General more power to crack down on large pharmaceutical companies that manipulate the costs of essential drugs.

“It was Buehler who was the driving force behind the legislation to allow pharmacies to provide birth control pills and hormonal patches over the counter. That’s a Republican leading the state on an important issue for women’s health.” – The Bulletin, April 24, 2018

During his first legislative session, Buehler stepped up as a leader and organized the first-ever Independent Caucus in the Oregon Legislature. He has earned the nomination of the Independent Party three times before, and has received individual endorsements from Independent Party leaders in his primary campaign for governor.

Buehler’s firm and thoughtful position on supporting a woman’s right to choose and marriage equality has earned him strong support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and has been well-documented publicly in nearly every major media outlet in the state.

“Knute Buehler is a “reasonable and respected” lawmaker with an “independent streak.” – The Oregonian, May 2, 2018

Oregonians are ready for real leadership—leadership that cares more about innovative ideas than rigid ideology. We need to recapture a sense of purpose in our state leadership beyond the mere pursuit of power, position and partisan politics.